Online Surveys And Other Ways To Make Money Online

If you want to supplement your income, online surveys can be an easy way to make extra money online. You aren’t going to get rich taking surveys, but making some extra money on a regular basis is realistic.

There are dozens of online surveys sites, and the first step is to do some research to find the site that works best for you. Always read the small print, and avoid any sites that charge you to use the site; legitimate survey sites won’t charge you to sign up or register. Different sites work in different ways; you may be assigned surveys or you may be able to choose the ones you want to do. Some sites require you to reach a certain earnings threshold before you get paid, while other sites offering online surveys only allow you to take a certain number of surveys in a specific time period.

Most online survey sites will pay you via PayPal, and you can typically expect to be paid a few dollars for between 15 and 45 minutes of your time. Most surveys are straightforward, focusing on such topics as personal finance, health insurance, travel, and entertainment. However, not all survey sites pay you in cash; some may pay you in airline miles, points that can be exchanged at online stores, or with vouchers. Make sure you understand and accept the rules before signing up and taking surveys. And of course, one of the best things about taking online surveys is you can do it without leaving home and at any time that suits you.

Online surveys are understandably popular and can be an easy way to make money online, although it isn’t the only way. Selling your stuff online is easier than ever, and it isn’t just eBay and Craig’s List, although they remain two of the largest and popular sites. Hundreds of other specialist online platforms allow you to sell anything from old books to vinyl records, baseball cards to kid’s clothes, furniture to jewelry. And you can sell your skills too. Various sites allow you to post your provided service and the rate you charge for that service; if you are an illustrator, photographer, book cover designer, copywriter, marketing expert, accountant or dog walker, it’s a practical way to make money from what you do best.

And if you can write, there are dozens of sites where you can put your writing skills to good use and earn something extra. Again, it’s worth spending some time researching the different sites to find one that works for you, and a legitimate writing site won’t charge you to join. Most online writing sites work in one of two ways; you claim an article from an online job board, write and submit it and get paid once it’s approved, or you post your own articles and wait for someone to buy them. If you can write about personal finance, health, electronics, and technology, you can potentially find more opportunities, although you can literally write about anything and get paid for it.