Why You Need Focus and Persistence in Internet Marketing


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Many people think Internet Marketing is easy.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it’s difficult.  You enjoy the easy days and have to push through the tough days.

Most internet marketers don’t just start and begin making money online.  There is still a lot to learn.  Many programs will provide you with some information that you need to be successful but will leave out other parts.  Or the information isn’t organized in the best way.

When I first began learning about internet marketing, I was overwhelmed by all the information I had to learn.  I was learning from a mentor, various programs, books, and online research all at the same time.  If you have free time, this isn’t a lot but I was also working full time…still am.  Finding time was difficult…still is.

The main difference this year is that I’m no longer stuck in a trance from all the information.  Last year I took some action but I was all over the place.  I wanted to work on this part of my business and then I wanted to work on another part of my business.  Then if I received an email, it usually reminded me to work on something else or the email had an offer that I was interested in.

Then an hour later, I’m thinking, “What was I working on again?”  Does this sound familiar?

I think a lot of internet marketers suffer from distractions and information overload.  This is why you need focus and persistence.

When you begin learning all the various methods for making money online, if you’re like me, you want to try them all just to get familiar with them.  It’s good to know information on various ways to make money online but eventually, you need to focus your efforts.

There are various products and programs to promote.  You have to find what you prefer and are (or can become) the most knowledgeable about.  Then focus your efforts.

There are different ways to market your products.  Don’t try to be great at every strategy at once.  That’s difficult to do.  Master one strategy first.  Then if you want, you can learn another strategy.

The key is to be focused and persistent.

Some things work the first time you try them and others take more trial and error.  Make adjustments but keep moving forward.

I am happy with every program I have tried, good or bad, because I learned from the experience.  It’s also good to have a mentor to guide you along your journey.  There have been times when I mentioned something to my mentor about what direction I was heading and he quickly pointed out that I was getting sidetracked.  He was right.  After he said that, I thought, “Yeah, what was I thinking?”

Sometimes, your ambition holds you back because you want to do so many different things at once.  Some people can juggle everything; most cannot.

When you start your journey to start an online business, ensure you maintain focus and persistence in accomplishing your goals.

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