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The Google search engine is the most predominant search engine on the Internet.  There are other search engines available but the majority of people rely on Google for their Internet  searches.  Since so many people turn to the Google search engine, it only makes sense to leverage Google if you want people to locate your product and service among all the other options available.

Even if you’re very creative, you will often find there is still competition for practically any website topic you can think of.  Even if you find a unique idea, it won’t be long until competitors show up.  Your best offense and defense is for your website to be loved by Google.  You need to complete proper search engine optimization or SEO for Google to love your sight.  If Google loves your website, you can get a ton of visitors which means you can make a ton of money.  And who doesn’t like money?

Like I said earlier, if you want the Google search engine to find your website and help your customers find your website, you need to help Google know what your website is all about.  Once Google understands what your website offers, it will compare you to the other websites that offer the same product or service and rack and stack the websites by how well each website meets the needs of the customer.  You want to be the best!  That’s the main theory of the Google search engine.

But…most people only look at the first couple of pages of a Google search to find what they are looking for.  A lot of people only look at the first page.  Which are you?  How many pages do you look through to find what you seek?

Needless to say if you’re not on the first page (maybe the second), your website will go unnoticed.  Therefore, you want to make sure your search engine optimization efforts achieve maximum result without taking too much time.

The best way I have found to achieve this is through the use of software.  This program is hands down my favorite and I use it regularly.  It does keyword research, analyzes websites, helps with SEO, and a lot more.  Plus, it comes with great training.  I could tell you all the features it possesses but I would not do it justice.  The best thing for you to do is just watch the FREE video.  You can get some FREE SEO training and learn about this great program.

Of course, you want your visitors and readers to love your website as well.  Make sure you keep your customer at the forefront.  You don’t want to the search engine optimization to get more love from the Google search engine just to find out you’re not providing what your customers want.  Take care of your customers, use the right tool, and take action!

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