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I heard these words in Drake’s song recently.  He said something along the line of “use things and love people. We often get it backwards.”  I don’t know if he was the first one to say it but when I heard it, it caught my attention.  Very simple yet very profound.

Often people get caught up on materialistic things.  We want the best cars…the biggest houses…the most expensive jewelry…and so on.  When it comes to internet marketing and making money online, some people don’t care if they have to step on or use people to get to the things they love.

I like to think that if you get it right and love people and use things, then the people you take care of will propel you higher.

Plus, it just feels better to achieve success knowing that you did the right thing for others.

There were a few programs in my past that I tried to promote based on advice from others.  I struggled to promote them because I didn’t believe in them whole-heartedly.

In internet marketing, all you have is your reputation so you want to keep it in tact.  But that’s not the only reason why you want to take care of people.  You want to take care of people because it’s the right thing to do.  We’re all connected and we’re all trying to find our way through life.

People that join internet marketing and make money online programs have a yearning for freedom in their lives.  We believe strongly there is a better path to take.  All too often, we go on a roller coaster journey through software and programs.  Some work and some do not.  It’s as simple as that.

We depend on people that have taken the journey before us to help us travel in the right direction.

If you have the courage and heart to take the internet marketing journey, that says a lot about your character.  As long as you’re not looking for a “get rich quick” program, but are excited about starting a real online business, I want nothing but success for you.

When you’re ready to start your journey to creating an online business, grab a copy of this FREE eBook about profitable online businesses…and begin your journey today!

Just remember to use things and love people.

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