The Journey to Success


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This is the best way to describe it…as a journey.  You don’t get there overnight so don’t believe the hype about getting rich quick.  Anything that is worth achieving is worth working hard for.

You have to work like others don’t to achieve what others won’t…

Today, I decided I wanted to get back into shape so I needed to do something to move me towards the direction I want to move in.  I was supposed to go to the gym today…but I had some work to do.

Then I thought about going to the gym once my work was finished but there was a movie I wanted to watch.  So I watched the movie instead.

I couldn’t find the time to go to the gym but I found time to grab some fast food for lunch.

So, now it was getting later in the day and I still had not done anything to help improve my fitness.  I decided I would go for a run.  Then I looked outside.  The clouds were dark and it looked like it could pour down raining at any moment.  Who would subject themselves to this weather?

The whole day I was just making excuse after excuse.  You can make an excuse to get out of anything.  So, I had to take a look at myself and ask myself if I was truly serious about getting fit.

Even though, the clouds were dark, I wasn’t going to let that be an excuse.  I figured most people would stay indoors and not run because of the potential weather.  Like I said, it wasn’t raining yet.

I went outside and the weather still looked bad but I was determined to at least make an attempt to run.  I stretched a little and began my run while listening to music.  The run started off good and I felt good to be running.  My pace wasn’t the fastest but it was a start.  It seemed like the clouds were a little lighter the direction I was running so I wasn’t so concerned about rain.

Then, after a little while, the trail started to incline…and my energy dropped.  I had to walk.  Yes, I walked…but I kept moving forward towards my goal.  Then I ran a little bit more.  Then I walked most of the hill.  The hill was just tough to climb today.  Finally, I made it to the top of the hill!

This was just the halfway point.  Once I got to the straight away, it seemed never-ending but I started running again.  It looked like I was running right towards the dark clouds and possibly heading into a storm.  Most people would turn around but I welcomed the challenge today.  Though I was tired, I wasn’t going to back down.  I was on my journey.

It felt like my energy picked up and so did my pace.  Then I took aim and I was on target for the dark skies.  It worked for a while but since I’m out of shape, eventually, I got tired and had to walk some more.  Then I continued running to finish my journey.

In the end, it didn’t even rain.  The initial excuse wasn’t even valid.

The point is with making money online, everyone has a journey to reach success.  Some get there quickly…it takes longer for others.  And many quit for various reasons.

Most people will have hills to climb and storms to face to get to their end goal.  It’s not easy and I would not want it to be.  The best part of the journey is arriving on the other side of any obstacles and learning what you’re capable of achieving.

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