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The Journey to Success

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    This is the best way to describe it…as a journey.  You don’t get there overnight so don’t believe the hype about getting rich quick.  Anything that is worth achieving is worth working hard for. You have to work like others don’t to achieve what others won’t… Today, I decided I wanted to get [...]

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Rich Dad Poor Dad: Could this book change your life?

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                    Are you ready to start making changes?  Are you ready to start making a difference in your life and others?  It all starts with education.  I read somewhere that education is the new currency.  We are educated on various subjects in school and college but [...]

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GVO Host Then Profit Review

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          First of all, GVO stands for Global Virtual Opportunities.  It is an unique organization.  It offers a place where you can host websites but that’s just the beginning…as if you need more than that.  This is a program that a lot of the best internet marketers flock to. Not only [...]

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Dot Com Secrets X Review: Is DCSx right for you?

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Dot Com Secrets X Review: Is DCSx right for you? How would you like to be coached by an online millionaire…? And instead of paying $5,000 or more upfront, what if you could get coached first for FREE – and then just pay after you make money? I just joined this program and so far [...]

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