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***Special Note:  Monday’s offer previously said Monday only.  That offer is now good for the week! There is still time to be one of the 5 to receive the FREE gift! ***

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Special Offer!

When it comes to building an online business, your goal is to get leads and then you want to send them quality information in the form of newsletter.  You can also introduce them to offers that they may enjoy.

In order to do this, you need 2 types of software.

First, you need a page for the leads to enter their email address.  Some people call it a squeeze page.  Others call it a capture page.  At the end of the day, it is a page where you present an offer in exchange for an email address.  The lead wants this information or offer so they enter their email address.

The best software to accomplish this is called LeadPages and this is the only software I use for capture pages.

What makes LeadPages so great?

Click here to watch the LeadPages demo.

Now that you have captured a lead, what are you going to do with this lead?  This is well you can send the lead valuable information that can help them.  You want software that allows you to create the best possible newsletters because everything you do is a reflection of your company and the type of business you run.

For newsletters, I trust Aweber.

What makes Aweber so great?

Click here to learn more about Aweber.

Now that you are familiar with the tools of the trade, you need to have them in your toolbox if you want to have a successful online business where you can stay in contact with your subscribers and customers.

Both software are reasonably priced…

You can get LeadPages today for only $37 a month.

You can get Aweber today for only $1.  You can test-drive it and if you like it, it is only $19 a month.

These are tools of the trade and you can get them at a great price!  Today, you only pay $38 for both!

Plus you get this special offer…for the first 5 people…

When you purchase both LeadPages and Aweber from my links, I will throw in:

  • 2 – 1 Hour Consultation Sessions with me to help you get started with these products (using Skype)
  • During the 1st Consultation Session, I will build you 1 page in LeadPages of your choice while offering advice to make it better.
  • During the 2nd Consultation Session, I will guide you and provide advice and ideas to help you setup LeadPages, Aweber, or both as time permits.

Time is more valuable than money and I am offering up my time to the first 5 people.

This is a great offer if I do say so myself.

So get LeadPages and Aweber now!

Have a great day!



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