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Earlier this year, I wrote about YouTube marketing tools and I took you along on my journey to find a low-cost way to produce professional YouTube videos.

I think I ended up finding a pretty good solution using my iPhone and accessories.  The coolest thing is everything is so compact!  I actually took it all with me on my trip to Phoenix for the last Home Business Summit.  Speaking of which, there is another Home Business Summit coming up so make sure you take a look at the new page I created so you know when and where all Home Business Summits will be.  If you can, attend one.  They are worth it!

The Home Business Summit

Anyway, I was able to carry all my accessories for my iPhone with me on that trip.  At any time, I could have broken it out and created some videos.  But I did not.  I did take some pictures with my iPhone.

In this discussion about YouTube marketing tools, I decided to make this article a consolidation point for my previous articles so you have all the information in one place.

Why would I do this?

It is a win-win situation!

It helps you find the information you may be looking for and if I ever want to use that information later for another purpose, I have it consolidated as well.  What purpose could I be thinking of?  Hmmm…

So, here are the links to the previous YouTube marketing tools posts…

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YouTube marketing tools, let’s close the loop

That is not it!  I have something else special for you today…

Many people go out to purchase software to do screen capture videos like I used in the “Which FREE Mercedes would you choose” article.

Well, if you have an Apple computer (Mac), it actually comes with software that can do this.  It is called QuickTime…I’m sure you have heard of it.  Many  people use this software for watching videos, but don’t realize you can also use it to record videos.  If you already knew this, you are ahead of most.  If this is news to you…you are welcome!

Here is a nice video made by Randy McKown that shows you how to use Quicktime to create Screen Recordings as well as some basic editing for videos.  From my previous YouTube marketing tools articles, you can also use the Sony wireless microphone with your computer for noise cancellation.

With all these YouTube marketing tools, you are ready to become the next YouTube superstar!

Once you’ve mastered YouTube marketing, you can leverage it.  Grab a copy of this free eBook about successful online business models.  Combining the information within this book with the YouTube marketing tools could make you the next success story!

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

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