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If you’re looking to start an online business and make money online, then education plays a vital role in that. Someone once said, “Education is the new currency.” If your focus is solely on making money, then you may make money but your business may not grow as much as you want. Your goal should be to learn as much about your business as possible. Especially, if you’re new, you need to learn about business from correctly setting up your business, accounting, taxes, marketing, and so on. You don’t have to know every little detail about everything but you should know enough so you are not easily fooled by partners or employees. It may seem a little overwhelming at first but the reward is worth it. Put in the time and effort for the reward.

Below is the recommended reading list for entrepreneurs of books I have read. Feel free to browse and read any books that are helpful to you. Some books have a lot of information while others provide a little and you may need to read a few books on the subject to truly unlock the information. Keep checking in because the recommended reading list for entrepreneurs will continue to grow!

Recommended Reading List for Entrepreneurs

Limited Liability Companies for Dummies

Think and Grow Rich

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Start Your Own Business

Tax Free Wealth

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The CashFlow Quadrant

Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

Why We Want You to be Rich

The Midas Touch

Think Your Way to Success

The Wealthy Code (read before Banker’s Code)

The Banker’s Code (read after the Wealthy Code)

Building Your Network Marketing Business

Financially Speaking: The Keys…

See You at the Top

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Steve Jobs

10 Quick Steps for Adsense

The Adsense Code: What Google Never Told You



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