What do Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z, and John Chow all have in common?


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Today, I visited John Chow’s blog and he had an interesting topic on how to use the Seinfeld method to make money.  Here is a small excerpt…

Jerry Seinfeld

“Odd as it sounds, Seinfeld has an incredible technique that can help you absolutely make money online. The famous comedian earned $267 million dollars back in 1998. And he’s been pulling in a cool $85 million per year pretty much ever since.

How Did He Do It?

When asked that question by another budding comedian, Seinfeld revealed the secret. The secret you and I can take straight to the bank: The power was in his remarkable ability to be consistent.”  John Chow – Read the full article here.

John goes on to say Jerry Seinfeld was consistent in wanting to perfect his craft.  That’s the whole “practice makes perfect” ideology.  Seinfeld practiced his jokes regularly.  By practicing, he could tell what was working and what wasn’t.  Then he could adjust as needed.


You may be wondering how did Jay-Z enter into this blog post.  Well, talking about the Seinfeld method reminded me of a song by Mr. Carter.  I had to look it up…it is called “Breathe Easy“.  At the beginning of the song, Jay-z talks about how he had to remember lyrics until he got home.  Once he could remember a complete sentence, it was like exercise.

By sticking to his routine, Jay-Z’s memory improved.  Now, he is known for writing songs in his mind.  I can learn a song  and it is still tough to get all the words correct.  Jay-Z thinks of his lyrics and then creates his songs from memory.

This is another example of how “practice makes perfect”.

John Chow

John Chow later speaks about how you should find tasks that you can complete regularly to move your business forward.  John Chow is a well known blogger that makes insane amounts of money online.  I doubt that he just started making money like that out of the blue.  He also found tasks that he could complete regularly to propel his business forward.

Now, when you look at Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z, and John Chow, as well as anyone that is really great at what they do, you should see patterns in their behavior.  All three of them pushed themselves forward by using routines and consistent effort.

Whether creating jokes, rap songs, or making money online…it’s clear to see that “practice makes perfect”.

Find your productive tasks and be consistent so one day, you can find yourself among the greats!

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