Nobody wants to play the fool…but sometimes it is worth the risk

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In life, no one wants to be cast in the role of “the fool”.  No one wants to be taken advantage of and that is understandable.

Still, people play the fool everyday. Why do you think they do this?

Sometimes it is worth the risk.

People have relationships. Some go really well; others have issues. Some people are cheated on repeatedly and never know that it is happening. They may hear rumors but have no proof. So, they stick around.


On one side, you have the fact that there is no evidence. On the other side, that person is at risk of playing the fool. To them, it is worth the risk because if all the cheating accusations are false, then the couple has a chance of achieving life-long happiness.

And for many, that is worth it!

Similar, with internet marketing and make money online opportunities, no one wants to play the fool. There are legitimate opportunities and there are schemes out there that only want to take your money. It’s normal to be cautious.

The problem with being overly cautious is that you never try anything…

Whether legitimate or not, it is beneficial to try something even if you don’t want to play the fool. If you have never tried either, how do you know which is which?  How do you know the difference?

If you want to find success online, you have to take a chance…a leap of faith.

Then learn from it! If you choose a legitimate online business, then you chose wisely. Think about the things you looked at to make that decision.

If you choose and fall for a scam, learn from it. Think about the things you looked at to make that decision. Hindsight is 20/20. You can look at your decision and think about the things you “could” have done differently.

Sidenote: The words we choose are very important. I used “could” in the sentence above. Most people would use “should”, but “should” kind of implies regret, a negative feeling. “Could” just says, “I made this decision…it was wrong…I can live with it and learn from it.”  There are no negative feelings.

The bottom line is you cannot be afraid to try different things with internet marketing.  If you had bad experiences in the past, hopefully, you learned something valuable and now know the difference between scams and legitimate businesses.  It may be scary at times when you are unsure about the right choice, but…

Sometimes it is worth the risk.

If you can achieve success, then the risk is more than worth it.  But you cannot achieve if you never try.  My goal is to help you succeed by starting an online business…a real business!

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