The new Mercedes CLA 250: Up close and personal


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You may remember from my previous article that I have an interest in getting a new Mercedes.  If you don’t, make sure to check out my other post to see the two Mercedes I designed in the videos.  One was the new Mercedes CLA 250.

Anyway, on Tuesday, I had to run some errands…okay, just one errand…I needed to sign my tax return.  The best part of that name is “return”…return some of my money!  I’m happy with my return this year.  How about you?  Have you filed yet?  Are you happy with your return?

After that errand, I had a social to attend with some like-minded entrepreneurs, but I still had some time to spare.  So, I figured I could check out the Mercedes dealership to see if they had the new Mercedes CLA 250.

Since it was spur of the moment, my car was dirty.  I need to clean it…and it looked bad inside the dealership with all the new cars.  I still enjoy my car though.  I always tell people I’m going to put 1 million miles on this car…and when that happens, I will be a millionaire!

As I entered the Mercedes dealership, the first thing I noticed was the valet.  They took my car and I entered the showroom.  This showroom seemed small but it had some really high-end Mercedes in it and it even had a Smart car.

I did not see the new Mercedes CLA 250 though.  I spoke to a salesman and he informed be that their showroom extends into the parking garage area.  I guess that’s the best way to describe it.  Anyway, you will kind of see from the pictures below.

So I walked and looked at all the Mercedes they had on the showroom floor extension.  I walked past each car and it wasn’t until I reached the last two cars that I saw the new Mercedes CLA 250…one was white and the other was silver.  Silver is the color I chose in my video so I was excited to see the car in person in the color that I liked.

So without any more hesitation, here are the pictures of the new Mercedes CLA 250!

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So, enjoy the pictures below and leave comments about what you think of this car below.

New Mercedes CLA 250-1  New Mercedes CLA 250-2     New Mercedes CLA 250 Rear 2   New Mercedes CLA 250 Side New Mercedes CLA 250 Side 2

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[…] told you about viewing the new Mercedes CLA 250 in one of my previous articles.  I was so excited to tell you my story and give you the pictures, I just realized that I […]

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