My Alexa rank dropped fast after attending a SEO class


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This year, I have been talking about how I plan to get out and meet more people and build connections.  Last year, it was just me and my computer against the Internet.  Needless to say, it wasn’t as beneficial as I hoped it would be.

This year, I am already seeing benefits from meeting other people.  Just from attending meetings and getting away from my computer, I have built new relationships.  Some have helped by visiting my website and spreading the word to others.  I have provided valuable information to some and some have provided valuable information to me.

A great result is that my Alexa rank dropped fast after attending a class.

At one meeting, I learned of an upcoming SEO (Search Engine Optimization) class.  This is important for getting your website to the front page of Google.  I wasn’t sure what to think about this training.  I have learned a lot of information on SEO from online sources, training courses, and books.

Even with the information I knew, my website wasn’t doing as well as I hoped.

So I decided to try out this SEO training.

It occurred later in the day, after working all day, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted make the hour long commute in Honolulu traffic for the class.  Why?  Because it would have been easier to just go home.  But I pushed myself to attend the training and I did find value in the training.

At first, I wasn’t so sure because the audience had a lot of new people to SEO principles so the training seemed more geared towards them.  It is understandable.  The lessons cannot just start at a high level because a lot of people will be lost.  But as I listened, there were some golden nuggets that I did not know.

You will learn in business, sometimes there are these golden nuggets.  They may not be large things but they are very important.

After the training, I had a chance to talk to some of the trainers and they provided some valuable advice.  I was even able to make new connections.  One trainer even took the time to review my website and he gave me some valuable information about how to improve my website.  Most of the advice is not anything you will notice in the appearance of my website.

It was great advice but I didn’t fully understand how to do everything…so I had a couple of options:

1.  Learn how to fix everything and then fix it

2.  Find someone that already knew how and hire them

Which do you think I chose?  At first, I began trying to figure everything out.  I quickly determined that was not the best use of my time.  Afterall, I’m running a business.  I need to make effective, productive decisions.

I found a professional online to help me with this project.  I already knew exactly what needed to be corrected from the advice of my new acquaintance that evaluated my website.  I didn’t need to know every detail.  I just needed to bring that information to the right person that understood it and could correct it.

So now, that only took a small amount of my time instead of the “who knows how many” hours it would have taken me to learn everything and then do it myself.  This also freed up my time so I could work on growing my business during the same time.

Based on the title of this post, you already know a little about the results…my Alexa rank dropped fast!  Here are the rest of the details…

Before I hired the website expert to assist me, my website had an Alexa rank of 9 Million+.  That means how my website ranked in relationship to all the websites online.  At one time, my website was as low as 6 Million+. These numbers are still pretty good when you factor in the fact that as of March 2012, there were over 644 Million websites as reported by Netcraft and Business Insider.  Still, I wasn’t sure how the changes would affect my ranking.

It only took a week to fix my website issues.  I noticed my Alexa rank dropped fast…like I am no longer in the Millions at all!  That is amazing!  I am even below 500K!

That means there are a lot of people struggling with their websites and Alexa rank…hundreds of millions…and I know how to help them make their Alexa rank drop fast!

To me, that lesson is a golden nugget…one for those that are really serious about their online business.

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