Looking for the Right Tools for YouTube Marketing


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My interest in YouTube marketing has increased recently.  I’m not a person that normally likes the spotlight.  In fact, I am introverted.  In order to achieve success, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.

Though many people get a lot of views on YouTube, there is no guarantee that many people will see your videos.

I’m ready to step out of my comfort zone, but now I need to find the right tools for YouTube marketing.

The tools that I’m interested in are a camera and a wireless microphone.  I have narrowed down the list for wireless microphones but I’m having issues with the camera.  I had never paid attention to all the various cameras available.  I’m not a professional photographer so this process has been eye opening.

First of all, I’m shocked at how many low to mid priced cameras don’t even have external microphone inputs.  Everything I have read recently says you need an external microphone with noise suppression to really focus on your voice instead of all the surrounding noise.

The camera I am interested in is the Nikon Coolpix L820.  I found it on Amazon and it has great reviews and a really good price, but guess what it is missing…an external microphone input!


I would really like to add an external microphone so I can create great videos.  With YouTube videos, video is only half of the equation.  Sound is also very important.  I would like to ensure everyone can hear what I am saying even when there is a lot of other noise around.  That’s why I’m interested in this Sony wireless microphone.

I think both the Nikon Coolpix L820 and the Sony wireless microphone are great products.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way for them to work together.  I haven’t spent a whole lot of time researching cameras, just a week or so.

From searching the world wide web, I think I have found a good solution.  I think it will be a temporary solution until I am ready to invest more for a camera.  Check out this video below.  As long as you’re not too far away, I think this will be a good solution.

To me, this looks like a good, inexpensive solution since most people own smartphones already.  This example is with an iPhone 4 so I can’t really say how it will work with Android or Windows smartphones but you would think it would be good  as well.

As you can see in the video, you will need an adapter cable between the iPhone and the wireless microphone.  You can purchase one from KV Connection.

The only issue you need to be aware of is that KV Connection says the iPhone jack records in mono instead of stereo but the output will be essential mono doubled so you will hear sound on both sides.

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Did you find this information helpful?  Do you have any other cost effective audio/video solution ideas?

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