Looking for the Right Tools for YouTube Marketing Part 2


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Yesterday, I discussed finding the right tools for YouTube marketing if you’re interested in becoming a “YouTube Superstar”.  You can use this for Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or just to help with your website.  At the time, I did not know there would be a part 2 to that article.  After writing the post, I continued to search around the Internet to see what other people are saying about using the iPhone for professional video.  I thought the results were interesting so I just wanted to share with you.

Here is a video I found by iphonevideoproducer and he goes into a lot of detail about setting up a complete environment for creating professional video.  Yesterday, I was primarily focused on the camera hardware.  He covers camera hardware as well as lighting and setting the right scene.  Impressive and informative!


Here is a basic video from iphoneographers that shows you some tips for using an iPhone to make videos.  They cover setting up to use your iPhone’s camera and even cover a few helpful apps to make you videos look even more professional.

Lastly, I found some really cool and helpful videos from AppSumo.  Unfortunately, I cannot share their videos here.  At least I didn’t see a way to so here is the link to the article.  You should definitely take a look at their iPhone setup videos as they show you a lot of cool accessories so you can record video from different angles.

After looking at all of this, I felt like I had enough information to make a good decision.  Like I always say, it’s not about just having the information…it’s about taking action once you have the information.  That’s not my catchphrase…lots of people say it.  Anyway, I put in my order for iPhone accessories.

If you’re serious about YouTube marketing, you can look through this and find out what works best for your needs.  Here is what I finally chose:

First, I wanted the Sony Wireless external microphone. That’s what I was looking for originally so be prepared. If you are interested in one accessory, you’ll probably end up getting a few more. Just don’t forget, you will need to get the adapter from KVConnection. Make sure you read the details and get the one for wireless microphones.

Next, I got the Glif Tripod Mount and Stand. It’s interesting how simple the design is and how it provides a lot of application options.

Next, I went with the Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand. I like the flexibility of this stand and how it can grip or grab objects so you can get good video shots. As light as the iPhone is (and I imagine this stand is), I think I can always find a way to take a video.

Lastly, I ordered the Ravelli Lightweight Tripod. I think I will use this for applications when I’m just talking or interviewing other people.

So, I think that is everything.  Now, I am just waiting for everything to arrive.

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