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Just like most things in life, you don’t create profitable online businesses by yourself.  You may have the initial idea but it takes a lot to go from idea to final product.  Because it is a great process, you need to have people in your corner to support you.  There is even a place for the people that don’t support you in your quest for success.

You will depend more on the people that support you so let’s start with them…

First, there is family.  They are the ones that are always there for you through the good and bad times.  They are the ones that will support you wholeheartedly during this process.  They may struggle with some parts of internet marketing because they really don’t know what’s involved.  But overall, they are in your corner supporting you.

Then, there are your friends.  Some of them are as close as your family.  They will support you in your endeavors and they may also have mixed reactions when you tell them about your venture into the world of internet marketing.  Some will understand that it is possible to make money online because large companies do it everyday.  Others may not quite grasp the concept of the feasibility of making money online.  And that’s fine.  It’s not about them understanding every detail…it’s more about them supporting you.

Next, there are business acquaintances.  They may work in internet marketing or other supporting or related fields.  They offer you information, possibly a different perspective, and a general understanding of how business works.  They will often support you.  You just have to ensure you look for win-win situations where both parties benefit in the business relationship.

There are also online acquaintances.  Many of these you will find through forums, websites, blogs, and social media channels.  You may join Facebook groups so you can interact with like-minded individuals and create a positive support system.

You may join LinkedIn and establish connections with others that have the same interests.  You may also build connections for mutually beneficial business arrangements and partnerships.

You may also build connections on Twitter to share information with others that share your interests.

Just because you are online a lot for internet marketing, this doesn’t mean that all your community connections have to be online.  They can begin as offline acquaintances.  These could be coworkers and just local communities for people with common interests in internet marketing or business in general.

Lastly, there will be the naysayers or haters that may try to kill you dreams.  There are always some out there but you just have to turn that negativity into positivity.  Use their negativity to fuel your fire…increase your determination.  Don’t let them bring you down.

Regardless of where you find your community, you still need to find one to achieve success.  It may be possible to achieve success on your own, but I think you will get there quicker and enjoy the journey more with a community of support.

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