Long Tail Pro Review: How to rank on Google

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Long Tail Pro helps you rank on Google

I won’t tell you I’m an expert at website creation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or even blogging.  That would not be true.  I will say I am resourceful.

I define what I’m looking for and then I find a product or person that fulfills the requirement.  When it comes to Google, the majority of people are baffled.  Who knows the crazy algorithm they use to determine how your website ranks among the masses?  Who needs the headache of trying to figure that out?

Long Tail Pro is a great product to help you rank on Google and prevent the headaches.

What I like

When working to rank my website or blog on Google using Long Tail Pro, I like how the tools I need are all in one place.  Without Long Tail Pro, you may use one product to research keywords, another tool to compare the competition, another tool to see how your website ranks, and other tools for whatever else you need.  I really like the fact that Long Tail Pro is like a “one-stop”, all inclusive product.  It makes my life a lot easier.

What I dislike

Honestly, I am hard-pressed to think of something that I dislike about Long Tail Pro.  And I am really racking my brain here!  It has a weird name.  That’s all I can think of.  But once you understand the concept of what the product does, the name makes sense.  I can’t say the price because the price is more than fair.  Plus, you have the option of using the free trial version to test the waters.   I recommend the Pro or Platinum versions.  The features are worth it.

My takeaway

Long Tail Pro is a great product with an odd name.  It is a more than helpful tool if you want your website or blog to rank on Google.  By providing you with one product that does so many functions to help you rank on Google, Long Tail Pro is a product worth looking into.

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