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Yesterday, I made a very important decision.  I’ve been told when you get stuck in your online business or you just want to take your business to the next level, it’s good to attend a live event.

The Home Business Summit BannerThere was one at the end of February but I could not attend because I was traveling for my normal job.  I wanted to attend and told many people that I would definitely attend the next one.

In the past, these events happened twice a year so I thought the next one would be towards the end of the year.

To my surprise, I shortly found out there will be more live events this year with the upcoming one being from March 28 – 30, 2014.

So there I was, stuck with a statement that I made without all the facts.

Luckily, I viewed this as a great opportunity.  The time was shorter than I anticipated but I was determined to attend.  I actually did not want to wait until the end of year.

I want to supercharge my business now!

Yesterday, I signed up to attend The Home Business Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.

This will be a great event where you can learn from some of the top online marketers and build valuable connections.

I am excited about attending.  I just want to provide you the same opportunity.  You now have a week to decide and attend.  I know it’s a quick decision, but I hope you will jump on it.

For more details, just click below and you will find everything on the venue, dates, speakers, agenda, and what this is all about.

Join me at The Home Business Summit!

Here is an excerpt of what The Home Business Summit host, Matt Lloyd, had to say…

Home Business Summit Banner 2

Just click on the words above to find out the rest of that statement!

Take a moment to review everything about The Home Business Summit.  I think this will be helpful for my online business and yours…whether you are just getting started or looking to take your business a step further, this will be great and exciting.

I hope to speak to the elite earners, take plenty of pictures, and hopefully create some videos.

Will I see you there?  Leave a comment below.


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