It is easy to doubt when it is difficult to believe in yourself


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I was flying through the sky when this thought came to my mind.  Of course, I wanted to write this article when the inspiration hit but I was not able to.  So, I did the next best thing.  I grabbed my notebook and let my thoughts flow from my pen to the paper…and this is what poured out.

It is easy to doubt when it is difficult to believe in yourself.

You are not doubting the results of a good online business system.  They are possible.  They have already been achieved by others.

You are doubting whether you can do it…whether you can create the same results or any results.

Believe in yourself!

I have been there.  It is very easy to doubt yourself.  We are great at it.  We practice every day.

Have you ever been driving and were ready to make a turn when you saw oncoming traffic?  You are not sure if  you have enough space and you hesitate.  Does that sound familiar?

Once you hesitate, you wait and wait.  Then finally the car passes by and you realize you had more than enough time.

You doubted yourself.

Have you ever had an idea but were afraid to tell someone about it?  Did you think that maybe they would laugh?  Perhaps they would call your idea stupid?  Or even worse, call you stupid?

That is self-imposed doubt.

No one has done anything or said anything to you about this idea.  The only person that knows about it is you.  You are just letting your mind get the best of you.  You are holding yourself back.

You are limiting yourself.

Many people struggle with this.  I have struggled with this and there are still times when I may struggle with this.

I struggled with doubt when trying to get my first sale online.

I knew that other people had done it, but I didn’t know if I would be able to do it.

Once I made my first sale, I was happy.  I felt accomplished!

Then the doubt returned…

What if it was just luck?  What if it will not work again?

But it did work.  If you have a good system and believe in yourself, it will work.

I struggled with doubt when I first tried to earn money from Adsense.

But once I became determined to make it work, I would not take no for an answer.  I decided I could do it.  I would make it work!

That determination drove me to find a way.  Maybe, there was something I didn’t know.  I searched until I found those answers.  Once I was comfortable with my knowledge, then it was all about taking action, pushing forward, evaluating the results, and continuing or adjusting as needed.

So…remember this.  Believe in yourself deeply and stop doubting yourself.

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