Internet Marketing: There are Sharks in the Waters


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When most people hear about internet marketing, they are instantly put off.  Why is this?  Usually, it’s because of the stigma associated with internet marketing.  People often assume that every opportunity is a scam.  You cannot just say that stigma has no merit…the fact remains there are sharks in the waters!

You can’t just jump into this business being completely naive because it is very easy to choose the wrong program.  Choose the wrong program and you could get eaten alive!

Financially speaking of course.

My goal is not to scare you…it’s to make you aware.  You need to make wise, educated decisions in internet marketing.  You need to find a program you can trust and believe in.  This will help you in two ways.  You will feel confident in the information you learn allowing you to focus on that program.  It will also make it easier to market the program because it’s something you really believe in.  People can tell when you are passionate about something and then they are more likely to get on-board.

All internet marketing programs are not scams.  It sucks that the majority of  programs are labeled that way.  It seems like the majority of people in internet marketing have had bad experiences and are cautious when it comes to trying new programs.

Marketing is a real occupation…people attend college for the sole purpose of learning how to market.  Internet marketing focuses on the marketing online and this is a valuable skill to learn.

Imagine all the opportunities you will have if you master marketing online.  Many people have great ideas but if they cannot effectively market them, then the ideas go unnoticed.

When people attend college, they may spend 4 years studying principles.  With internet marketing programs, you’ll spend a lot less time studying and more time applying the lessons.  Internet marketing allows you more on the job training which will normally teach you more than taking a test.

Some internet marketing courses can seem overwhelming because they provide so much information in a short period of time but when you want to make money online, this is great.  You just have to stay motivated and push through the training.

Many people are hungry when the training first begins but their motivation tends to slip as the training progresses.  Stay the course and follow it to the end.

With internet marketing, just because you have the knowledge foundations, it still doesn’t mean that you have mastered internet marketing.  Never assume that you know everything.

You still have to take action, try the strategies, and adjust as needed.  Most programs provide you with methods that have worked in the past, but the internet is always changing and evolving.  The way people consume information is always changing.

For instance, you may not want to try a MySpace campaign if everyone is using Facebook and Google+.

Internet marketing is like anything in life.  You don’t have to be afraid of it but you have to be aware of the dangers.  Some programs are designed to help you…some are designed to help you spend your money.

If you decide to go into the waters, beware of the sharks!

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