Internet Marketers always say it’s easy…but here is the truth!


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Sometimes it seems like internet marketing is a blood sport because everyone does not make it.  The mortals cannot withstand the combat and get destroyed.

Okay, I’m playing around a little.  That previous statement was a combination of me thinking about Blood Sport and Mortal Kombat.  It is an over-exaggeration.

Here is the internet marketing truth…

Often, internet marketers say it’s easy to make money online.  For some, this is the case but it is not the case for most.

You have a few different variations of internet marketers online.

Gurus - The gurus are the top 1%.  They will often tell you how easy it is to make money online.  They are not lying…it is easy for them.  Their business and branding is already established.  They may already have an audience to market to.  They could have an established website, YouTube channel, and a large email list.  Most of the time, the gurus are being completely truthful with you but their reality is not the same as yours when you are just starting out.

Novice - Then you have the novice marketers; they are just starting out and there techniques depend largely on the training (or lack thereof) they received.  They are still trying to find their way.  For them, the Internet is like the wild wild west where anything goes.  They will lie, steal, and spam for a sale.  They will try program after program looking for easy solutions and try to sell you the ones that work and even the ones that don’t.  Their goal isn’t to create a business but to generate money.  They are not concerned with their image.  They are seeking instant gratification for their efforts without thinking of any consequences.

The Middle - Then in the middle, it’s almost just like the middle class in society.  You have some that are barely making any sales.  You have some marketers that are making small commission sales.  Then you have some marketers that are building their business and some marketers that have grown their business to a point where they can support themselves with their online income.  This category covers the majority of internet marketers.

How do you tell the difference?

That is the big question because most marketers tell you the same thing about how easy it is to make money online.  Now, put yourself in the marketer’s shoes.  Would you tell someone that is interested in your offer that it is difficult to make money online?

Do you think you would get the sale if you did?

There is no right answer for making the sale.  It depends on you and the potential customer.

Some customers respect the honesty and then will buy from you because they can trust you.

Other customers want you to lie to them and even get upset when you don’t.  They want it to be easy.

At the end of the day, the choice you make as a internet marketer is based on your values…what you can live with.  I’m not perfect.  I began as a novice and I did some things that could have hurt my business because I didn’t know better and I was trying to find my business values.

Now, I know where I stand in my business.  I want customers that can handle the honesty and are still ready to take the journey…because the end result is worth it.  The end result is what you want for your life.  For me, it’s to have freedom and control over my time to enjoy it with my friends and family.  The best way to get there is to help others get to their end result.  Your end result may be slightly different but our journeys can be the same.

Now, that I have given you the internet marketing truth, which type of customer are you?

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