If You Enjoy Being Online…Make Money!


Some people just don’t want to spend any time on computers, tablets, or smartphones.  That’s too bad.  This is all great technology.  Others like these devices for entertainment.  It’s great to use them for entertainment but why not leverage these “tools” for your business?  If you are excited by these tools and the Internet, you may want to look into making money online.  Like the title says, if you enjoy being online…make money!  If you’re not excited by these tools, I’m sure you’re excited about making money.  That’s a good reason to get excited about making money online!

Finding the right training program for you depends on you!  Let’s talk about some programs to help you get started!

Meet Russell Brunson of DotComSecretsX


Russell Brunson is an Internet millionaire with the goal of helping others find success online.  He’s young, energetic, and a great teacher.  Whether you’re experienced or a newbie, you can learn a lot from Russell.  During his training, you’ll learn some great tips such as how to build your list because if you haven’t heard already…the money is in the list!  He also covers the golden sequence, autoresponders, squeeze pages, SEO, and more.  If this all sounds foreign to you, this training is for you!  If you know these terms but haven’t been able to leverage them, this training is for you!  The best part is that he understands how the everyday person feels.  He knows you don’t want to spend money, you want to make money.  Now, you can try DotComSecretsX for 30 days for only $1.  Take the challenge and watch how much you learn in 30 days!  Russell provides you with plenty of tools and resources to grow your business. Some cost money but he normally provides FREE alternatives as well.  If you are constantly online and want to make money, Russell and DotComSecretsX is a great program.

FREE website from Stone Evans

Plug In Profits

Stone Evans is a great teacher and he can also teach you how to make money online.  He covers some of the same principles in Plug In Profits as in DotComSecrets.  The big differences is DotComSecretsX offers video training while you have to read for Plug In Profits training.  You can choose which learning style you prefer.  A positive for Plug In Profits is that you can earn up to 5 streams of recurring income.  Also, Stone Evans and his team will setup a FREE website for you in 24 hours.  Setting up a website can be time consuming so why not let someone else take care of that for FREE?  You can spend your time doing something productive for your business or spend time with your family.

Make money with Harvey!

Silver Fox Lead Factory

Harvey the Silver Fox is the oldest of the bunch so he has a lot of experience and wisdom to offer for those interested in making money online.  He has setup a great business to help you make $500 a day.  If you already have a business, his tools can supplement your current business and help you grow.  One example is Harvey offers 100 FREE leads daily!  Harvey provides long, extensive training videos.  Some are up to an hour long.  That may be long to listen to training but it is worth it.  You’re learning the ins and outs of making money online.

These are all great choices to learn from the best in Internet Marketing.  Like I said earlier, the choice is ultimately up to you and your preference.  All programs have their positives and a few negatives, but once you decide, I think you will be happy with your choice.  So…if you enjoy being online…make money!

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