I hesitated but I never quit; I stopped but I never quit


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I just completed a run today and it was a journey within itself.  First of all, I have a reminder on my phone that tells me when I should go running.  It tells me everyday but I listen occasionally.

Today, it told me to go running.  It usually reminds me an hour in advance.  This way I have an hour to stop whatever I’m doing.  Unfortunately, it also gives me an hour to talk myself out of running.

During that hour today, I was determined that I would go running.  Then I looked outside and the clouds were dark.  I thought, “oh great!”

But I was determined.  After all, it wasn’t actually raining.

A few moments later…what do I hear?  Is that rain?  Yes, it is.

I guess I’m done.  It rained for maybe 10 minutes, just enough to make the roads wet.

Now, you can look at this two ways: barely wet or barely dry…kind of like the half full or half empty cup.

I had my excuse to not run and I almost used it.  This is where I hesitated…but I never quit.

Because I hopped on the scale this morning and did not like what I saw.  I told myself I would change it.  I had a flashback to the morning and remembered my words.  That’s when I decided to push forward.

The path to change begins with the first step.

So I got ready and went outside to begin my run.  It was still raining a little when I walked outside but I was not about to turn back.

I stretched and began my run.  I had my music playing…I cannot run without my music.  I actually like running because it gives me time to really think.  I always feel like my thoughts are clearer.  Plus, if I can get lost in my thoughts, the run is over before I even know it.

This was a 3 mile journey with inclines and declines.  There is one hill that is always a beast to climb.  Today was no different.

I put my best effort towards it, but once my lower back tightened up, I had to walk and even that was difficult.  It got to a point where I even had to stop walking due to discomfort.

I wasn’t half-way at this point so it would have been easier for me to turn around and go home…but where is the victory in that?  Sure, you can say it was a victory for me to even start but I wanted to complete it.

So, I had stopped.  I bent over and stretched my back in an effort to release the tension.  This is when I stopped…but I never quit.

By running and walking, I made it to the top of that hill!

My back was still bothering me so I ran (and walked occasionally) the remainder of the trail.  It wasn’t a perfect run by any means, but I’m proud of my commitment to complete it…and I wanted to share it with you.

I was actually able to push through and sprint the last stretch of the run.

In business and in life, we all face challenges and obstacles.  At times, I may hesitate.  Other times, I may stop.  But I will never quit!  My heart won’t allow me to.

If you feel the same, keep pushing through those challenges and obstacles in your business and life…until you achieve success!

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