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That’s right!  A FREE Mercedes!  I’m sure most people would enjoy a free Mercedes.  Well, here is your chance to get one.

My car is getting old and the problems are becoming more plentiful.  That usually happens as cars age.  The once dependable transportation is now a liability.  You don’t know if it will get you to where you need to go.  You worry about if it will start or if it will leave you stranded.

That happened to me one day.  I left work and went out to my car so I could go home.  I sat in the car, inserted the key, and tried to start the car.  This is my normal routine only that day, the car did not start.  It didn’t make a sound at all.  Then as strangers walked by, I was too embarrassed to ask for help and admit that my car wouldn’t start.

Finally, a familiar face appeared and I explained my situation.  He was helpful.  He jump-started my car…I had a feeling it was the battery…it’s happened before.  This got my car running.

Now, I had to drive the car to the parts store and get a new battery.  I got to the parts store, but then I didn’t want to turn my engine off.  What if they didn’t have the battery in stock?  If I turned off my engine, then I would need more assistance.

But, what if I leave my car running?  Would someone take my car?  It was a risk I had to take.  I left my car running and went inside the store…stood in line while constantly watching my car.

Finally, I reached the counter and they had the battery in stock.  I purchased it and then drove home where I replaced my old battery.

This wasn’t major car trouble but that’s just one example.  When you buy a brand new car, you really don’t have concerns about whether the car will start.  You don’t worry about mechanical problems.  The problems you have with an aging car are of no concern with a new car.

With a brand new car, your car becomes one less thing that you have to worry about.

So, now that my car is aging, I’m ready for a new car.  But I like making money, not spending money.  So, how can I have the best of both worlds?

If I had to buy a car myself, I wouldn’t buy a Mercedes because I’m not drawn to flashy objects…with the exception of Apple products.  I would buy something more conservative and cost effective.

Everyone wants a new car but no one wants the car payment.  If you’re interested in finding out how you can get a FREE Mercedes, click here!

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