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Recently, I explained what an email autoresponder was and recommended you use Aweber for email marketing.  Don’t worry.  I’m still sticking to that recommendation.  I just know that sometimes it’s better to see a product in action.

Here is a video by Adam Morgan that covers how to use Aweber.  He goes through the steps of setting up an email campaign to include adding your information as well as adding your series of emails.

Aweber is extremely helpful for email and newsletter campaigns.  It will help ensure you provide a professional image to your customers.

Also, as mentioned in the video, if you have a blog or website, you can use Aweber to drive traffic to your website as you build a relationship with your customers.

The best thing is that you can try Aweber for $1 for 30 days.  By the end of 30 days, you should definitely know whether or not you like the program.

Some of the features include:

Send Email Newsletters

Create Website Signup Forms

Collect and Manage Subscribers (Customers)

Autoresponder Follow-up

Performance Tracking

Great Customer Support

Aweber has been around for over 12 years.  They also have an anti-spam policy so anyone using the system has to be compliant to ensure they are not just spamming people.  Aweber is protecting your business by making sure you send quality emails and protecting your customers by shielding them from spam.

If you’re ready to give Aweber a try, click here to start your $1 trial.


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