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I mentioned in a previous post that you should always continue to learn.  It’s impossible to know everything so there is always something new that you can learn every day.  Never go into any situation thinking that you know it all.  You’ll miss your opportunities to learn.

I attended this class after work and it was a traffic-filled journey.  This made for a long day, plus I was able to rearrange my schedule to attend a webinar earlier.  The webinar was ok…I didn’t learn a lot from it but I did learn something new so it was a positive experience.

You may not know this but I live in Hawaii and every day traffic is bad.  On the worst days, I can easily lose 2 hours out of my day, just sitting in traffic.  This is why I try to find good ways to spend that time…thinking of and working on ways to grow my business.

Though I was tired after a day full of work and traffic, I was excited about the SEO class.  I arrived and sat in the audience of entrepreneurs…ahhh…feels great to be around like-minded individuals.

SEO Training Picture

SEO Training Picture

What a treat!  There were four speakers that covered various aspects of SEO and marketing.  It started with the fundamentals.  The audience had a mixture of business owners, some SEO novices and I’m sure there were some SEO experts there as well.

Regardless of the skill level, I think it was a great idea to cover the fundamentals of SEO.  For the novices, it provides a stable foundation.  For the more experienced, you can review to make sure your knowledge is built on a sturdy foundation.

Then the next speaker went deeper with SEO principles.  Some people were overwhelmed by the information and I get that.  When I first started learning SEO, I thought it was a lot of information.  Plus, it depends how deeply you want to learn SEO.  Most people don’t want to learn all the ins-and-outs of SEO.

I like learning the details and understanding it more in-depth.  I feel like if I know it better, then I will be a bit better prepared for changes and know how to adjust accordingly.

The next speaker covered some tips for local (and online) business owners.  I think the physical business owners learned a lot with this.  I just hope they take action with the information that was given.

The last speaker covered marketing strategies.  I found a lot of value in the information he presented.  We already communicate a little and I feel like some of the things he said were directed at me.  Like “foot stomp”, quit doing that or try this.

With all this information combined, there was a lot of value in attending this training.

And that’s just with the training.  That doesn’t even count the fact that I was able to network with others.  Plus, I was able to chat with some of the speakers and ask some more detailed questions and receive good advice.

Right now, I’m not releasing any specifics from this training yet.  I want to review the lessons more and test some of the strategies first.

Then I will determine the value of the training and if and how I will introduce the information to others.

I took notes using my iPhone.  I like the fact that I can take notes there and it automatically syncs up with my Macbook.

As usual, knowledge is useless without taking action.  I’m going to take action!

If you’re ready to take action, you can learn a lot about profitable online business models from this eBook. It’s free to download.  I recommend you get a copy right now.  It will change your perspective on your business.

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