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Although email marketing is still largely used by many individuals, there are still some people who think of getting through to people with Twitter, a social networking site that’s used by almost every one you might know.  And if you’re also looking forward to getting more followers on Twitter, then understanding the right way to do it is quite an essential task.

Now, one might think about the ways in which a person can get more followers on Twitter and come up with some really nice ideas as well. But, there’s never a guarantee that those ideas will actually work. This is because not every person thinks the way you do, so you will have to try another strategy to gain a fair audience.

So, how do you really get more followers on Twitter? Well, the answer is rather simple. You’ll just have to write tweets in a way that people would love to read. And, you will have to avoid tweeting about stuff that people hate reading as well. Of course you wouldn’t want to bore people to death with senseless words.

Now, you must be pondering over the facts that make a tweet hateful or lovely in the first place. And here’s the answer:

The Value of a Tweet

In order to make your tweet valuable, you must first understand what your readers want. Since there are several things that annoy and please the tweeters, let us first have a look at the facts that repel readers away from a particular tweet.

The Repelling Tweets

To get more followers on Twitter and keep them coming, you must first avoid the following:

  • Repetition of old news
  • Posting links without proper commentary
  • Cryptic tweets
  • Using a lot of @ and # signs
  • Boring tweets

For building a loyal relationship with your readers on Twitter, you will have to provide them with links that can be clicked on; share good tweets, and suggest that they follow you. Try to intrigue your readers instead of just stating the obvious. Also, when you tweet something that contains common content, be sure to fill in some color throughout it. Make sure that your tweets are something that people would look forward to instead of saying, “Not this guy again! Who reads his stuff anyways?”

Tweets that are Admired

The tweets that are worth reading and anticipated by followers are the ones that include the following properties:

  • Interesting opinions on something new
  • Tweets that intrigue readers to find out more
  • Tweets that are both thought provoking and witty are definitely something to look forward to
  • Less words with more meaning (clarity)
  • Transparent, honest, and personal views

Hence, tweets that are admired by people are usually the ones that are interesting, written in a funny yet witty way, and create curiosity among readers. Basically, being a successful tweeter means ‘giving people exactly what they want’. Of course nobody would wants to read stuff that’s already whispered into their ears every single day of their lives. And in order to retain your Twitter audience along with successfully conveying your message to them, all you have to do is just give your views a little thought before publishing them.

Are you ready to put these tips to action?  Can you see how they can help you in getting more followers on Twitter?

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