I don’t want to, but I have to leave the Home Business Summit


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If you are tuning in to my blog for the first time, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona, attending the Home Business Summit.  This is the first time I have attended an event like this.  Previously, I wrote an article about my arrival here.  I flew in from Hawaii just to be here for 3 days.  A new friend I met here flew in from the UK just to be here.

When I tell people that, many people look at me in shock.  Why would I travel so far for 3 days?

The answer is simple…

I am serious about my business.

I want my business to grow and prosper.  With the Home Business Summit, I learn from some of the top earners in online marketing.  They provide valuable information about how they do so well.

Below is a picture of John Chow.  He has one of the biggest blogs on the planet!  And he was there teaching us how we can do well in online marketing.


The best part to me is the chance to network and meet other people.  You may feel a bit star struck at first but the top earners and successful marketers are real people and they will take the time to talk to you.   And that is awesome, because their time is worth a lot!

But it’s not just about meeting the top earners, I also met new people in the company.  It is great to hear their story and learn about them and what brought them to the summit.

When you start doing online marketing, there may be a lot of people that will tell you what you cannot achieve.  It feels wonderful (wishing I could think of a more descriptive way to explain) to be around like minded people.  When you are around people that are serious about their business, it is a great feeling.  All your stress is lifted…

If you have ever been trying to start a business on you own, you may understand the last comment.  Imagine, trying to start an online business, but other people are saying you cannot do it.

They are not really saying you cannot do it.  They are saying they cannot do it so they do not see how you possibly could.

Either way, you don’t need someone doubting you when you are trying to achieve a goal.  You already have to deal with your own self doubts along your journey.

So when you have people backing you, you feel like you can do anything!  And you can!

If you are ready to become serious about your business, grab a copy of this eBook about profitable online business models.  This book is free but the information is priceless.

The Ultimate Online Profit Model

I will keep you updated when the next Home Business Summit will be.

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