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If you want to capture people’s attention, you have to create professional banner ads.  I prefer to create professional banner ads with a Mac.

You could hire someone from Fiverr to create your banner ads for you.  This is if you are willing to wait.  Fiverr has a lot of great gigs and talent at very affordable prices…typically $5.  You can usually tell which gigs are the best by their reviews and the amount of customers they have in their queue.  But that is also the problem.   The great banner ad gigs usually have large queues and you could end up waiting days or weeks for your banners.  If you have time, then you’re fine.  If you don’t, then you may want to look at other options.

How about creating your own banner ads?

Have you ever thought about doing this?

Maybe you thought it was too difficult or maybe you didn’t think you have the ability to create a good product.

Guess what?  I once felt the same way.  Then one day, I looked at some of the banner ads that were on other websites and I decided to try it.

And it was pretty easy.  Of course, I made some bad banners…some really ugly banners.  But you get better and the banners you create get better.  And I don’t make the best banners in the world, but I believe I create the best banners to get my message across.  I see my vision and message, then I just try to capture it.

Today, I create professional banner ads with a Mac.

I have been a fan of Apple products for a while and I have used a Mac for a while.  I thought I would have to buy special software to create banner ads originally.  Then, I did a little research and realized that I could use Keynote.

Keynote is great for making slideshow presentations.  If you have never looked at the slideshows you can create with Keynote, you should take a look.  You can probably Google it or watch some YouTube videos.  The same features that can make professional slide shows can be leveraged to create professional banner ads on a Mac.  You can use different shadings, text, fonts and more.

I actually use Keynote in iCloud for a few reasons.  If I want to get others opinions of some banners, I can access the files on my iPhone at any time.  Another reason is if you have others using Keynote in iCloud, you can share the files with them and collaborate.  You can also choose whether or not the people you share your files with can edit or if they can view only.

For anyone that joins My Top Tier Business (MTTB) under me, I will help you create banner ads if needed to promote MTTB as well as provide coaching.  If you are unfamiliar with MTTB, click below for more details and to sign up.  It is a 21-step program where you can earn $1K, $3K, and $5K commissions without having to make telephone calls.

My Top Tier Business

Right now, I use an older white unibody Macbook but I plan to move up to the Macbook Pro with Retina display.

If you already own a Mac, you could begin making banner ads today.  If you do not, you can purchase either a used one or a new Mac and begin to create professional banner ads with a Mac.


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