Cold Calling Tips To Make Your Life Easier


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You have a brand new lead.  They are interested in your product or service.  What are you going to do with that lead?

You have the lead’s telephone number and email address.  Most people would choose to send an email instead of pick up the telephone.  Why?  It’s just easier.  You send the email and either the person responds or they don’t.  No harm, no foul.

But wait a minute!  When you dial a number…either the person picks up or they don’t.

Either they say yes to your offer or they don’t.

I guess the difference is you can reach your lead (potential customer) quicker via telephone and find out if he or she would like to purchase your product or service.  “Time is money!”  Isn’t that the popular phrase?  So, why waste your time waiting for an answer that you can find out in a few minutes with a telephone call?

Once you know the answer, you can simply a) be happy that you made the sale or b) regroup and start searching for your next potential customer.

So many people hesitate or never make the dreaded “cold call”.  Here are some cold calling tips to make your life easier.

1.  Plan ahead. - You want to make sure you know the key details about what you are trying to sale.  The worst thing you can do is offer someone a product that you don’t know about.  You don’t want to be stomped by their questions so do your homework.  Organize your thoughts in a brief manner.  You can even make a few notes so that you have something to refer to for answers or just to guide the conversation.  Make sure you can pronounce the potential customer’s name correctly!  Don’t mess this up and start off the conversation on a bad note.

2.  Don’t overthink.  It’s good to have notes and be prepared.  Don’t over-think and don’t over-prepare.  This is common for me.  I like to think about every possible question and response.  I like to write very detailed notes.  If this reminds you of yourself, you need to stop!  Give yourself the bare minimum of notes you need.  You can’t know ahead of time how the conversation will go so don’t over-prepare.  The best solution to get by this problem is to do step 3.

3.  Just do it!  Look!  You are prepared…maybe not as much as you would prefer…but you are prepared.  It’s just like getting into the pool.  If you test the water with your toes and then slowly get in, it will take you forever.  If you just jump in, you’re fine after the initial shock.

4.  Listen and learn.  You nerves may bother early in the conversation but once you get past them, listen to what your potential customer is saying.  Do they have a use for your product or service?  Why are they hesitant to make the purchase?  They may be looking for reassurance that this is the right decision for them.  Learn from the good and the bad.  If they buy, understand why.  If they don’t, then try to understand why.  This information will be valuable when you make your next cold call.

5.  Be yourself.  You don’t have to be the best salesperson in the world.  You just have to be yourself.  Talk to them normally.  Share a little about yourself and see if they are willing to share more about themselves.  Share a laugh with them.  Relax and enjoy the conversation.

By following these five cold calling tips, you will place yourself ahead of most.  You will be ahead of most just by completing the call.

I hope these tips will help you but if you still don’t want to make cold calls, there is another option.  You can read this FREE eBook about profitable online business models.  One of the models offers you a way to have others make cold calls for you.

Did you find these cold calling tips helpful?  Please comment and share with your friends.


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