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We all face choices every day.  We choose what clothes to wear, what roads to travel, what to eat, who to date…okay, you get it.  We face a lot of choices.  When you decide you want to make money online, then you have to choose if you want to follow “get rich quick” opportunities or if you would rather start an online business.

Many people look to “get rich quick” opportunities because just as the name offers, they like the idea of getting rich quick.  They see an opportunity to make money quickly and easily.

I’m not trying to destroy anyone’s business with my words.  I’m sure there are ways that you can make a lot of money quickly but I prefer the idea of starting an online business.

Of course, it probably won’t be as easy and you may not get rich quick…or even at all.  I like the challenge of starting an online business.  Plus, imagine how much it would cost to start a regular business…like a brick and mortar business.  Start-up costs would be crazy!  You would have to get capital to support your business.

An online business cuts the start-up costs drastically.  With the Internet, your options for an online business is only limited by your creativity.  You just have to look around and find the opportunities.

Whether you want to start an internet marketing, blogging, or video marketing business, you can do all these fairly inexpensively but you should still have a plan.

For any business, you need to have room to grow.  Begin with the end in mind and create a plan for how you will achieve it.

When I first started working online, I began with a training program.  It was a great training program but it wasn’t really designed to help me start an online business…at least not step by step.  It was more to get me familiar with how things work on the Internet, from the other side…the side where people make money.

It was amazing to me to see and learn about this other side.  I had never even thought about it before.  I was just focused on working for money.  I was stuck in my routine and could not see the other options that were available to me.

I did try some “get rich quick” programs and bought some software that I thought would help me make money quickly.  All I did was throw away money.  I was chasing a magic cure.  If you’re looking to get rich quick, there are plenty of people online that will sell you that dream every second of the day.

You have to really be focused on what you want to accomplish online.   You have to make the choice between “get rich quick” opportunities and starting an online business.

With starting an online business, the road may be tougher but I believe it’s worth it in the end.

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