I have arrived for the Home Business Summit


So…it’s almost 1 A.M. and I’m wide awake due to the time difference in Arizona compared to Hawaii.  I’m still ready to stay awake a while longer…but that would not be wise.

I have a long and exciting day of training ahead of me so I want to make sure I get some sleep.  I don’t want to be dazed and miss out on any valuable information at the Home Business Summit.

So, the flight over was definitely crowded.  I don’t think there was not a empty seat on the plane.  I did get a window seat so I was fine for the most part.  The only bad part about the window seats is when you need to get up to stretch your legs or go to the restroom.  Everyone has to get up for you.

There were a few patches of turbulence on the flight, but I (and everyone else onboard) arrived safely.  That’s what matters.  At the end of the flight, the pilot announced that this was the last flight for one of the flight attendants after 31 years of service.  That is great and I congratulate her!

My flight was on time but I just had a late arrival time.  I quickly got my small luggage…no lost luggage!  Then I called for a taxi with a number I was given by the hotel receptionist.  The number was good, but the dispatcher said he would call me back in 1 minute.  I waited 15, then I decided I would just keep searching for the airport’s taxi area.  Yes, I could have thought of that earlier.  I guess I was tired.  Then that dispatcher was on it!  I was in a taxi in no time.

So now I am here.  Ready for the wealth of new information that I can take action with.  I checked into my room…

As you can see in the picture, when you arrive late at night, sometimes your food options are limited…

I should not be eating that…but I did!

My hotel room

Coming from Hawaii where I never turn on my air conditioner except to make sure it still works, the air conditioner in my room was on blast and it was cold when I arrived.  So, I changed the thermostat so it hopefully will not come on again tonight.  Then I decided to walk around a little to see what was going on.  Everything seemed pretty quiet and the doors were shut so I just took a selfie by the MOBE sign.

Me at the Home Business Summit (HBS)

If you are not attending this Home Business Summit, hopefully, you will attend one in the near future.  I will let you know when and where the next one is happening.

I’ll be taking as many pictures as I can with my iPhone.  I may even do a few videos.  We’ll just have to see how things go.

Stay tuned!

Signing out…time to sleep.

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