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Email newsletters should be a part of your customer relationship management strategy.  When visitors and potential customers visit your website for the first time, you want to have an interesting website for them  to view.  This is coming from the person that currently has a simple black and white website design.

Don’t worry!  I’m always looking at ways to improve your experience on my website.  It’s currently black and white because I just wanted to provide you with only the information you need…free of distractions.

My purpose hasn’t changed.  I’m just exploring ways that I can continue to deliver this information with a stronger design.

As usual, I got a little side-tracked so back to the point.  Having an interesting website and great content are necessary for any successful online business.  But there is more!

When a reader comes to your website for the first time, they may enjoy your website but for whatever reason, they may not return after they leave.  You want your readers to come back and read again and again.  This is why email newsletters are so important.

When a reader comes to your website, you can give them the option of subscribing to your newsletter.  This way, you can still maintain contact with them.

You can offer them valuable information direct to their email so they can read it at home or on the go using their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.  To stay competitive in your online business, you have to know how readers consume information and make sure you provide your information in that manner.

Below is a quick video that tells you how you can quickly and easily create email newsletters with Aweber.  Take a couple of minutes to watch it and learn how you can create great email newsletters for your website and online business simply by leveraging your RSS feeds.

If this interests you, please click here or on the banner below the video to test-drive Aweber today!

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Simple RSS to Email by AWeber Communications


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