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In the world of Internet Marketing, making money online, and creating online businesses, sometimes you just get tired of the Internet and being online.

It’s just like anything else in life.  Too much of anything and you get tired of it.  So you need to find other ways to keep it exciting.

Today, I did some work offline and it felt good.  It wasn’t really work as it was just getting out there to meet people.  I met with a group of entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals.  When you work online, sometimes it’s difficult to discuss it with your friends and families because they may not understand everything…or it may not interest them.

When you meet with a group that is designed for networking and discussing business, you feel more comfortable talking about business.  Sometimes, when I talk to family and friends, I feel like they grow tired of hearing me talk about business or being online.  This is something I’m very interested in so I’m always eager to talk about.

But if you have the wrong audience, talking about business is not helpful for anyone in the conversation.  On one side, you are talking about business and you may not receive the expected (or any) feedback from the listener.  Then, the listener may be just waiting to change the subject.

I am introverted so I don’t like to talk to people a lot but I have to just push pass that if I want to succeed.  Today, I don’t think many people in the group could tell that I was introverted.  There were a few occasions where I kind of kept to myself, but there were a lot more times when I met other people and got to hear about the exciting things they were doing with their businesses.

Some of the businesses people owned included…

Life Coaching

Computer Repair


Clothing Store

Map Creation

Online Marketing

and of course…Blogging

There was a good mixture and a wealth of knowledge in this area.  There was an exchange of ideas and views…and I enjoyed all of the discussions.  Because they were all speaking my language…business!

Like I said earlier, sometimes it is good for you to go offline sometimes and actually see what’s happening in the world around you.  Just because you do Internet Marketing, make money online, or create online businesses, it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed a break from the Internet.

While I was there, I set my iPhone to silence so that I would be fully disconnected.  Then I could give my full attention to the entrepreneurs that took the time out of their schedules to meet me and others like me.

Of course afterwards, I jumped back on the Internet to give you this post.  I checked my email and saw some new subscribers had signed up.  Even though, it was getting late, I had new-found energy and excitement when I returned online.   This is because I met people that shared a common dream…to create a prosperous business doing something they enjoy.

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