The journey may be tougher, but it is not impossible

  Pardon me as I drip sweat onto my computer keyboard. I just finished a run and I’m tired but this thought just came into my mind and I want to capture it.  Hopefully, it will inspire you along your journey. The thought I had is the same as the title… The journey may be [...]

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My Online Business Empire (MOBE) explained for all generations

    When someone tells you about an online business where you can make a lot of money, it is only natural for your defenses to go up.  If this is the case, how come more people are not doing it? First of all, it is still a business.  More people choose to work in [...]

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My Trip to Alaska

  So…I just flew in from Alaska…and boy, are my arms tired! Okay, I just wanted to say that, but I did just get back to Hawaii from a trip to Alaska. Most people don’t like to take late night flights.  My flight left at 1 a.m.  I wasn’t too excited about leaving at that [...]

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